A Look into the Post Process for Kode's New Film for Macular Society

Every day over 200 people in the UK face the shock of a diagnosis of macular disease. This sight loss can rob people of their independence, leaving them unable to drive, read or recognise their family.

While making ‘5 Years through the eyes of a Mum’ it was very important that the VFX was authentic to the experience of Macular sufferers, whilst also relatable to those who had never heard of the condition. Above all of this the VFX had to work for the story - which meant still being able to see enough of the scene to make sense of them! 


After lots of research and development time VFX Artist, Ikki Dhesi, and Director, Laura Scrivano, created a consistent look for the film which compiled of blurs, black splodges and motion. While shooting they used guides so they could be sure that the action around the FX would still be seen enough to make the narrative clear.

We asked Laura Scrivano to summarise her thoughts on the VFX process, “As a story and performance-driven director I was excited to jump into a VFX which were entirely designed to serve the film and ultimately the audience. The fact that we ‘experience’ the mother's loss of sight, directly through the camera lens and VFX is what gives this spot it’s power. We are put in her shoes, and feel the loss of her world, almost as acutely as if it was ours.” 


It’s so good to finally have REBEL out in the open! After building behind the scenes for the last two years, we are very proud to present Rebel – our editing & motion graphics company.

What started as editing and motion graphic support for Kode's ever growing and always busy content studio, is now a fully fledged offering to our clients old and new.

We turn work around quickly while retaining quality, and believe that every job is equally important and can be completed without any hassle.

We've already been fortunate to edit films for many incredible artists, brands and agencies, and the whole team is excited to take this to a new level this year.

- Alex, CEO

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